Blog III – Wedding Transportation

Imagine yourself dressed like a princess,
seeing your prince arriving on the perfect white horse,
getting married in the sun, surrounded by palm trees.
You would be living a real fairytale wouldn’t you!?

Or what about feeling like a movie star,
seated in a luxurious black limousine,
driving to a heart shaped island,
walking over a white carpet, to the man of your life..

This would be perfect, right?

Transport ideas
Rolls Royce – Luxury car | Bohemian Bus | Limousine | VW van | Public Transport
| Golf Cart | Vespa | Bicycle | Horse ride | On foot

Taking a car to your wedding is one of the most traditional ways of wedding transportation.
Different colors, different sizes, different brands, etc.
Your transport depends on many factors such as the distance, infrastructure,
the amount of people, and the costs.
Now I hear you thinking,. how do I choose?!


Let’s start with the colors. Whatever you choose, it must fit within your color scheme.
Most people go for black or white, because these fit perfectly in any wedding.
However if you go for a color,
check if it suits your dress.
Your wedding pictures will be way prettier.

The size is also very important.
What if you have a big dress but a small car.. you would not want your bridesmaids to walk to the ceremony right?! So you have to take this into account.
Most limousines can fit 7 people, but it will be quite tight especially if you have big dress.

But there is nothing wrong with taking a limousine just with two or three people.
After all, it is YOUR big day.




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