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Are you looking for an internship abroad?
Why not do your internship in Gran Canaria?

The Perfect Wedding Company is a bespoke destination wedding planning company in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. This is a great internship placement for dynamic, communicative, creative and independent students who are looking to expand their horizons abroad. You will have an opportunity to work with clients with different nationalities and improve your language skills.

General information

The intern will be assisting with the day to day co-ordination and planning including social media campaigns, blog writing, administration of WordPress website, answering phone calls, creating portfolios, client meetings and attending the weddings.

  • You will get a lot of practical experience, will be working hands on with your boss and be able to cover different areas within this small company
  • You will be working in a very friendly, open-minded and international team
  • You will have a lot of fun during your internship and at the weddings
  • You will be working in an easy-going and relaxed working environment and will be able to contribute with all your ideas and suggestions on improving the business
  • English is the main spoken language
  • A lot of sun & fun during your internship


We are looking for

  • Event management interns
  • Marketing interns
  • IT interns
  • Tourism management interns
  • Social media marketing interns

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  • The main skills I have obtained and developed during my internship in The Perfect Wedding Company are stress management, project management and client satisfaction management. During the weddings we have to deal with stressful situations and time pressure as it is the most important day for a couple and everything should be flawless. Therefore, we have to follow the time schedule and follow the checklist of the day to make sure that nothing is missing. This all needs to be done quickly and communicated to the rest of the team. The time frames make it seem stressful. I have obtained client satisfaction management skill during the meetings with various personalities of different clients and learned how to satisfy their needs. Furthermore, our supervisor Bernadette has a vast experience in event management and other managerial fields that she is happy to share with us. I personally learned a lot from the stories and examples she always gives us. Thus, the work atmosphere is friendly and easy-going which makes working process smooth and pleasant.
    Laima Bobrika
  • In this short period of time at The Perfect Wedding Company I have obtained a great insight in the for me extremely interesting and varied field of Wedding Planning at Gran Canaria. I had searched for an internship where I am in direct contact with customers, have the ability to improve my knowledge in Marketing and PR and gain experience in Event Management and Event Planning. The decision to work at this company in a lovely team was definitely the right choice. The team spirit and cohesion I sophisticated is outstanding and this is one of many points that makes working enjoyable. Bernadette gives her best to support us in our both professional and personal development. With her great experience and knowledge her advice and tips are more than useful and help a lot to handle the daily tasks and requests from customers and suppliers. For these reasons I recommend the internship at The Perfect Wedding Company to everyone who loves organizing events, having a lot of responsibility and giving the best to make the wedding day of our brides and grooms to the most amazing one in their lives.
    Ramona Weigl
  • My personal experience as an intern at The Perfect Wedding Company is really well and like expected. It is a relatively small company and because of this I have the possibility to really practise and work in a lot in different areas. Updating social media pages, sending/responding on emails, having contact with clients/suppliers are my daily duties. By having the possibility to come up with my own ideas and develop them into practise is this internship a real learning experience. Bernadette is always there to help and advise me. The internal communication with the colleagues and the contact we have with our clients is very personal; I think this is a positive point because the wedding industry is personal business. I would definitely recommend this internship to everyone who likes to work in the event sector, likes to know more about the wedding industry and likes to explore the beautiful island Gran Canaria.
    Suzanne Plettenberg

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