Wedding Ceremony

You’re thinking about getting married in Gran Canaria, so you’re probably thinking ‘How exactly do we go about this?’ Let us explain…

Non-Residents of Spain

There are two options available to non-residents in Gran Canaria; one is to be legally married via the Catholic Churchthe Swedish Church or Norwegian Church and the other is in the form of a religious blessing or non denomination ceremony, which would follow-on after a legal civil ceremony back in your home country.

The latter options, non legal religious blessing and non denomination ceremony, tends to be the most popular and it is generally viewed by the wedding couple and their guests as their ‘true wedding day’, the one which they will remember for years to come.

Your wedding ceremony is going to be one of the many highlights of your day so finding the best option for you is vital.
If you have any further questions on the ceremony or any other aspect of your wedding click right here to ask me a question.

Residents of Spain
If one of you is a resident in Spain, you can legally marry here via the civil registry office or town hall, please contact us for more details on how to go about this.

Gay Unions
Same sex marriages are also legal on the island. As with heterosexual marriages, one of you needs to be a resident. If not, a non denomination ceremony can be organized following the legal civil ceremony in your own country.

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