When do I have to pay for everything as I don’t have all the money now?

Not to worry, you don’t have to pay for everything up front. As with our services, most suppliers require some small deposit when reserving the service. Thereafter most of the final payments are made 1 month before the wedding day (processes may vary depending on suppliers)

What happens if something goes wrong?

Leave it to us! In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we will look for the best available solution with as little fuss as possible, often fixing solutions you are not aware of.

Organizing a wedding is expensive enough, how will hiring a wedding planner affect my budget?
Prices of services on the island can vary immensely between suppliers. We are aware of the market price for services on the island and can negotiate (in Spanish) the best prices on your behalf saving you not only money in the long term but your precious time. We also deal with some established suppliers who we know offer great service and value for money.

Weddings are our expertise so we can also offer you many money saving solutions on and off the island along with options you may not have thought enhancing the whole experience.

Not to mention the stress free saving of having someone else organizing everything on your behalf and somewhere your guests and family can go to ask questions regarding the day instead of you! It’s your special day so you should kick back, relax and enjoy while we ensure its one of the best days of your life.

I like to be in control and prefer to do everything myself, how can I ensure that everything will turn out the way I want it?
We at The Perfect Wedding Company are great at listening and creating YOUR dream. You remain in control of all the decision making while we carry out your wishes and transmit them to the suppliers. If you find you need advice we can give you an array of options and prices but in the end you always have the final decision.

We work very closely with the bride and groom throughout and ensure that we are all “singing off the same hymn sheet” in respect to their requirements.

Do you organize same sex blessings and weddings?

We do! In order to legally be married here, one of you would need to be a resident. If not, you can legally marry in your country via a simple ceremony at the town hall and then fly out here with your friends and family for the blessing, which most couples consider as their actual wedding day.

Do I need to hire the Perfect Wedding Company to organize my wedding or can I organize everything myself?

Of course, as with any event if you feel confident enough you can organize all the services yourself or just some areas and get us to do the rest. There are however many advantages to hiring a Wedding Planner to plan your perfect day:

  • They take out all the leg work of sourcing the most reliable suppliers that offer you the best quality prices and services for the best prices, saving you time and money and ensuring all your expectations are met.
  • Your time is precious. The average bride spends over 200 hours organizing her wedding. We take away hours of planning and let you just worry about making the decisions.
  • Plan B! We always have one…taking away the stress and strains from the bride and groom on their family in the event that something unexpected should happen.
  • We speak fluent Spanish and can communicate with the suppliers.
What happens if i need to postpone the wedding till another date?

Don’t worry about a thing, we take care of everything on your behalf, that’s the beauty of having a wedding planner. We have formed very close relationships with our suppliers and they are very open and flexible to our clients needs.  

As long as they are available on your new requested date, then they will happily make the change and in many cases will honor the current conditions and prices. We have been able to test their flexibility during the covid crisis and our providers have shown 100% flexibility, offering our clients peace of mind during a very worrying time.

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